Frequently Asked Questions

Why Chicken Nuggets?

Let me turn it around on you… Why NOT chicken nuggets?

But if you must know, this NFT project started out as a simple summer hobby for two boys and their father.  It doesn’t get much better than chicken nuggets, when you’re 10 and 7 years old.  When it came time to pick a theme for our NFT project, nuggs were an obvious choice. 

How Many Nerdy Nuggets Will Be Minted?

The Nerdy Nuggets contract allows for up to 10,000 mints.  That’s 500 twenty-pieces for those of you who don’t like math.

When Will Nerdy Nuggets Go on Sale?

Nerdy Nuggets will be released for minting on September 13th, 2021 at 2pm EDT.

How Much will Nerdy Nuggets Cost?

Currently, the pricing plan is 0.03 ETH per nugget.  Buyers will be able to mint up to 20 nuggets at a time to help save gas fees.

Why would anyone want a Nerdy Nugget?

Most importantly, Nerdy Nuggets are a way to support pediatric cancer research and families dealing with this disease.  Your virtual nugget is token representing your support of the cause.

Nugget holders will also receive ongoing benefits through our community.  We are planning give-aways and events that will be exclusive to Nuggets holders.  Nuggets with rare traits may be particularly valuable as we plan to give holders of rare nuggets special benefits.

Our team’s follow-up project to Nerdy Nuggets is a Zombie-themed blockchain game with NFTs that change based on your character’s status in the game.  Nugget holders will receive access to a pre-launch mint that will ensure they can obtain a spot in the game.  Holders with six or more nuggets will receive additional benefits in this upcoming project.

How Can I Stay Up to Date with this project?

The best way is to join our Discord community.  This is where the Nugg Family hangs out and likes to give away prizes.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Why did you choose to support Pediatric Cancer?

The Nugg Doctor is a pediatric oncologist.  When his two sons decided to make Nerdy Nuggets a charitable endeavor, pediatric cancer seemed like a natural fit for a cause to support.

Later on, we met our Community Manager, Iconjester, who son happened to be undergoing treatment for medulloblastoma.  What are the odds? With fate on our side, we moved forward together to help Anderson and kids battling cancer everywhere.

Why shouldn't I just donate directly to Pediatric Cancer?

The answer is: You should.

If you’d rather donate directly to a cancer charity instead of purchasing a Nerdy Nugget, we’d love that.

The reality is, getting thousands of people to randomly donate out of the blue is next to impossible.  Getting thousands of people to buy into a chicken nugget NFT project is much more doable.

Also, we don’t intend for Nerdy Nuggets to be a one-off donation.  Our goal is to grow a community that can support future fund-raising events, auctions, and NFT projects.  We can do this by offering a token that allows people access to this exclusive fund-raising club.

Who will receive the donated funds?

Tackle Kids Cancer and the P4 Foundation.

We want to support pediatric cancer research to find better cures and improve long-term outcomes for kids.  Tackle Kids Cancer will receive the research funds from the project. 

We also want to help families. who are struggling with this disease and need immediate support.  The P4 Foundation will receive the funds dedicated towards helping pediatric cancer families.  

What are the future plans for this project?

Once the Nerdy Nuggets have sold out, we plan to continue our mission to raise funds for pediatric cancer.

Our community will hold events like our trading game and exclusive auctions to raise further funds.  We will also use our community as a platform to showcase other NFT projects who will also commit to donating funds.  Lastly, our team has other projects planned that will also feature a donation component.

Nerdy Nuggets holders will receive perks and special access to these event. Together, we can make a true impact on pediatric cancer.