Anatomy of a Nugget

What makes a nugget a “Nerdy Nugget”?  Each of our virtual chicken nuggets features a unique combination of nine traits.  No two nuggets are alike!  Read below to find out the secret recipe.

Nugget Body & Type

Nerdy Nuggets come in four shapes: Ball, Bell, Bone, and Boot.They also come in four varieties: Regular, Spicy, Alien, and Zombie.

This leads to a possible 16 variations in the nugget body.  For example, below are a regular ball, spicy bell, alien bone, and zombie boot.


Nugget eyes come in blue, brown, and green just like yours and mine.  However, there’s always a few surprises waiting to be revealed.


Buck teeth, gold teeth, missing teeth… Take a frown, turn it upside down… Stick your tongue out and express yourself!


A nerd without his glasses is like a chicken nugget without dipping sauce!  We’ve got a wide array of eyewear for the Nerdy Nuggets to rock.


When it comes to chicken nuggets, the sauce is the boss!  In addition to tried and true staples like BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Sweet & Sour, our Nerdy Nuggs like to spice things up with Buffalo, go exotic with Szechuan, and get extreme with Awesome Sauce!


Hats, facial hair, and a variety of other stylish statements help each nugget stand out among the rest of the box.


Some nuggs keep it simple with a solid background, while others prefer to go full-on 90’s yearbook photo.


Remembering who we’re fighting for, select nuggets will feature ribbons for pediatric cancer awareness (gold) or brain tumor awareness (gray).